Friday, January 8, 2010

You can't always get what you want...

So, today we decided to explore St Kilda, which we had heard was the main (and most popular) beach in Melbourne. How could we go wrong? Beautiful, sunny, hot day and hitting the beach...sounds like a great plan to me! Unfortunately there isn't much to say other than St Kilda was a stinky, nasty mess of a beach. Not much fun to be had there.

We even checked out the nearby Luna Park (which looked a lot like the one in Sydney, only more run down). When the most thrilling ride is the "Shock Drop" and barely three times my height, well...enough said.

So what are we to do? Bear hunt! See a bear? Snap! Grab a picture. Don't judge! It helped pass the time and make things more fun as we walked around stinky St Kilda beach. Where are the fruits of our labor you ask? Here ya go!

Fortunately the day wasn't a total bust. We stumbled across a FANTASTIC dinner at Red Rice. Thank goodness for that! Oh, and YUM!

Oh, and by the way...we certainly aren't exaggerating when we say it is HOT here!

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