Saturday, January 2, 2010

These boots weren't made for walking

Day 2.  A completely full day of tourism.  None of us could sleep past 8am, so we were up and out for coffee and pastry.  I needed to run a few errands like buy real walking shoes, ibuprofen, etc. We started off with some leisurely shopping along Pitt Street.  From here we hopped on a tour bus to Bondi Beach.  The weather was lovely, but alternated between misting and partly cloudy.  Hot and humid, lunch was had overlooking the beach.  Gorgeous.

After a delicious lunch (Eric ate a burger with beetroot!) we passed through another shoe store.  They had a pair I liked, but not in my size.

Our next destination was the "Men's Side" of the beach.  Not quite as racy or sexy as we had hoped, but found a few good sights nonetheless.  Eric liked this one. "Look, I caught a seashell."

We walked the length of the beach again to the other side where there was a Very Fancy Party happening at the Bondi Icebergs club.  Security was off the charts, so we assumed there must have been some celebrities there.  If you ask me, it looked like about a dozen unwanted pregnancies just waiting to happen. Eric enjoyed the company of this pole while the glitterati enjoyed Beluga and artificial pleasantries.

Hopped on the bus back into the city to start the city version of the hop-on/hop-off tour.  We hopped on downtown and off at the Sydney Opera House.  Iconic, dramatic, sexy.

Eric and I enjoyed a Golden Gaytime. They're delicious.

Next, a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Breathtaking.  I wish the Chicago waterfront looked like this! There were loads of interesting trees and animals.  This little guy thinks he's people.

Hundreds of furry, cute bats line fill the trees here.

It is now almost dinner time, so we head directly for some great Indian food followed by hot showers all around and prepare to experience Friday nightlife on Oxford Street.

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