Monday, January 4, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

We did it, folks.  The three of us climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and have official documentation to prove it.  If you're ever in Sydney, do it!  Don't be put off by the HEFTY $198 price tag.  It really is an experience you'll never forget.  The staff and climb leaders were wonderful and made the 3.5 hour excursion easy and fun.  Here are the photos we had taken during the climb.  It's important to note here, that we didn't all accidentally wear the same outfit today.  For safety, all climbers strip down to their delicates and don a uniform climb suit with riggings, an ingenious body lanyard, radios, etc.  Since we're high above 8 lanes of auto traffic, 2 train lines and 2 pedestrian walkways, it's important nothing fall.  This mean, no cameras.  At first I thought this was a racket to encourage climbers to buy their overpriced photos at the end of the climb, but once you're up there, you realize that even something a small as pocket change could be devastating to the folks below.

Next photo is midway through the ascent.  A gorgeous view of the Opera House and a lucky shot of the Diamond Princess at port.  (Cruise ships really are enormous.)

Crossing between the arches.  Grrr...bears.

At the summit under the Australian flag.

Mid descent with a spectacular view of the Sydney skyline.

Such a wonderfully memorable experience.  We'll have more photos up soon, but now it's time for a shower and dinner.  After the bridge climb, we took advantage of the SUNSHINE and finally got to do our walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach.  My dogs are barking after thousands of steps, ladders, catwalks, sidewalks, rock formations, etc, etc!

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  1. Great pictures. Good to see you all passed the BAC test! Was it just the three of you on the climb? How much of the 3.5 hours are you actually on the bridge? I really need to get myself to Australia.