Friday, January 8, 2010

So, Melbourne...

After saying farewell to Michael, Ken and I flew on to Melbourne. Our accommodations? Well, when we were booking the trip, we had the choice between a 5-star cushy hotel downtown or...a cozy, clean 6 rooms located right above one of Melbournes most popular leather/bear bars, the Laird Hotel. We tossed it around quite a bit. The former promised a plush, pampering, livin' in style atmosphere while the latter seemed much more adventurous and fun (not to mention free laundry and WiFi...a huge plus) but potentially dirty, tragic and a big mistake. The choice we made in the end...?

Why the heck not? If it was truly a scummy place, we could just go find something else. But we decided to live a little and give it a try after hearing a few recommendations that it is actually a nice little hotel above the bar. Turns out they were right...the Laird has been clean and comfortable! But enough of that...

Ken and I took to the streets on our first day out to check out some of the local sights. The visitors info booth was immensely helpful, and our first stop was the Queen Victoria Market. On the way however, we did see a great description about how Australians feel about their mobile (and internet) services here...

The market was full of every knickknack and paddywhack you could want. Lots of fun to walk through and see...but nothing you would really want to buy. Well, unless you're on a hunt for...UGG BOOTS!

After grabbing some tasty pastries at the market...and a heavy lunch of burgers and fries, you'd think we would go and walk that off. Did we? No, we decided to hop on the free tourist bus to see where that would take us. Turns out, the most exciting part of that trip was the GIANT new Costco they were building in the Docklands neighborhood. Departing our beloved, cramped, stinky hot tour bus we ended up in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Very nice, but nothing compared to the gardens in Sydney. That place just set the bar too high. Still a enjoyable, fun filled stroll through the park filled with hunting bunny rabbits and making shadow puppets (hey, we make our own fun)!

We headed back to our comfy hotel to get ready for the nights activities. Spit and Polish night. How far did we have to walk to get there? Downstairs. ha! But from the looks of it, Ken has already blogged about the evening, just look below!

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