Monday, January 11, 2010

One Night Only...

Today was the first (and shorter) of our two travel days. A quick 55 minute hop from Melbourne to Sydney. While part of me was ready to leave Melbourne (a nice city, but not going on either of our "favorite lists" anytime soon), another part wanted to stay and enjoy the great 107 degree heatwave they are having! One interesting thing we that Quantas Airlines seems to have something against the adorable, cute, furry little Furbies. Hmm...random...

All disappointment of missing the heat was quickly wiped away once we got back into downtown Sydney.

Our original plan of just running a couple quick errands was thrown out the window once we got wrapped up in the excitement of this great city. First stop, pizza....BBQ emu pizza to be exact. We both had a craving for one last (large) taste of this local delight. But enough of that, you've all heard how fantastic it is already, so no need to go into that again (but...yum!).

Next up, souvenir shopping. I was on a mission for a quality didgeridoo. What better way to annoy neighbors in my building? Quality ones are very tough to find though. Most of the "Didges" around are sold in touristy, souvenir shops and are really only suitable for decoration (thanks to my sister for that info, otherwise I'd have been none-the-wiser). I ended up finding a great C# one at a neat little store called Spirit of Downunder. It bills itself as Sydney's largest and finest collection of Aboriginal arts & crafts and musical quality didgeridoos.

The weather outside was sunny and beautiful, so we decided to take one last ferry ride from Circular Quay to Darling Harbor. Well worth it, and a great way to see the city skyline (including the Harbor Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park) one last time.

We continued our souvenir shopping as we made our way from Darling Harbor back up to the Rocks (near the Harbor Bridge). The city was bustling with activity and visited many of our frequented spots like Woolworths and the Jumble. We also saw some new interesting things like a family taking a scooter tour around the city (thanks for never making me do that)

and what could only be described as the worlds most randomly hanging birdcages.

We then made our way to Oxford Street and hunted down a copy of Sx (NOT easy to find this time of the week) because a little birdie told us we might find something interesting in it...and that little birdie was right!

Here is the close-up:

Go figure...we're here for a weekend and make the local gay rag. Too funny! We topped off the night with some tasty indian food and called it a night. Tomorrow begins the long journey home...sigh...

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