Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mountains, they are blue.

For our final full day in Sydney, we took a 10 person tour up to the Blue Mountains. Mountains are big.  Mountains are very pretty.  I like mountains.

The #1 most often asked question during the tour, "Are you brothers?" I had to bite my tongue each time not to reply, "No, we're sisters."

The first stop on the tour was to the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Center.  This visit had the potential to be something quite fascinating, but was woefully uninteresting and the presentations were tragically under-rehearsed.  Highlights include:

A squishy tree.

They did have tasty morning tea with fried scones and tea.

Onward to the mountains. Picturesque, vast and old.  Very old.  Here's a bunch of shots from the various ridges and cliffs.


Below, the Three Sisters formation.

A stop for lunch at a cute family run tearoom.  We had pies.  Apparently, everyone in Australia smokes.

Tall-ass trees in a valley "rain forest."

Mommy and baby kangaroos. Many people think they are tasty.  I just think they're adorable.

I'm sleepy and sad to be leaving tomorrow.  Sorry this post is so un-inspired.  Perhaps one last cheesy-mite scroll in the AM will perk me up and get more posting going on!

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