Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday Funday!

I was so excited about the bridge climb, I wanted to get those pics up ASAP.  Now for the rest of our adventures.

After the climb, we went back to our favorite pizza joint for more crazy Aussie gourmet pizzas.

Eric had 1/2 kangaroo 1/2 honey mustard chicken.  Ken enjoyed 1/2 kangaroo 1/2 Morrocan lamb (I think?) I enjoyed 1/2 four cheese with rocket and 1/2 antipasto (which was loaded with fresh pesto, tomatoes, really all but the kitchen sink)

Next stop, a return to climb one of the bridges four stone pylons.  The views from the top were not nearly as spectacular as from atop the bridge itself, but at least we could bring our cameras along.  Some quick shots here.

Bridge climbers!

Hot bear.

By now, we were so completely done with stairs (or so it would seem), it was time to head back to the hotel, drop off our bridge souvenirs and get out to the Coogee to Bondi beach walk.  The walk itself takes about 2.5 hour and follows a mostly paved pathway along the cliffs between the beaches.  The weather was cooperating and we got some really great photos.  Towards the end, we were all getting a bit punchy, so there was some comic relief as well.

Here's a nice shot of Coogee Beach.

First cliffs off Coogee.

Death defying leaps.

Lazy Bear.

Bronte cove.

Crashing surf.

The battery in my camera died here.
More pics from the other boys soon.

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