Sunday, January 10, 2010

Melbourne Leather Men - Saturday Night

After the long day of touring and being droppd off at the front door of our hotel by Lee inour tour bus (thanks Lee!), we quickly showered and headed downstairs for Melbourne Leather Men night!

I had a great time meeting some a lot of the locals, talking about IML and Chicago and things we have seen and done in Melbourne and Sydney. As it turns out several people were worred that we (mostly Eric) weren't going out to the bar that evening. The owner told me several people came by to inquire if he had seen us that day or knew if we (Eric) would be down that evening. With no phones in the rooms men were waiting patiently.

Eric went down to the bar before me (as I had to quickly iron my t-shirt - I hate wrinkled sleeves). As I entered the bar I saw Eric talking to a hot, woofy daddy...needless to say I didn't have a chance to talk to Eric the rest of the evening. I did manage to say goodbye before moving onto the next bar...

This picture should sum up the evening...and morning...

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