Monday, January 4, 2010

Loss of a dear friend

It was a great NYE, but for a tragic loss of a dear friend.  Ken's Canon PowerShot Elph camera drowned in an unfortunate alcohol related accident.  A full (albeit infinitesimally small) cocktail was accidentally spilled on Ken, soaking the pants which contained his most important tools.

Fortunately, a day later and a trip to the electronics store afforded him this little gem. No fussy rechargeable batteries or complicated features but for the inexplicable "Beauty Shot" mode.  Eric suggests that perhaps this setting replaces all faces with pre-loaded headshots of supermodels and movie stars.  I pray I get Sean Connery.

Update by Ken: Beauty mode isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I never knew HOW much I loved having a real camera. This $99 replacement is a disaster - slow to take pics, practically no zoom...ugh. I think I am going to Amazon shop right now. My first digital camera was a Canon so I'm beside myself with cameras of this caliber...this is good enough to capture some bar fun but I can't wait for my new camera to arrive in the mail!

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