Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lessons From Sydney

Well, we've reached the mid-point of our trip (sadly, the end-point for Mr. Michael), and we feel we can really take away some valuable knowledge home with us. Rather than be selfish and keep this wealth of information to ourselves, we would like to share it with all of you..

Lesson #1: EVERYTHING is extremely expensive here...

...but at least the advertising is free (if you're resourceful)

Lesson #2: Golden gaytimes are the BEST ice cream bars ever

Lesson #3: White men can't jump

Lesson #4: $12.95 an hour for internet is just not worth it, but $99.95 for the week is a BARGAIN!

Lesson #5: If you come to Sydney, be prepared for walking...a LOT of walking

**We considered posting a picture of Michaels bloodied, mangled feet, but we'll spare you...this time.

Lesson #6: If you get the chance to sleep...TAKE IT no matter where you are!

Lesson #7: Just because you put quotes around something, doesn't make it true

Lesson #8: You can't escape the camera, but go ahead and act the fool anyway

Lesson #9: Try everything at least once...unless it's a flying rat.

Lesson #10: Shitty convienence is both convienient AND shitty

Lesson #11: Cameras sure are sophisticated here in Australia. The exclusive beauty shot mode of Kens new camera...well, the results speak for themselves!

Lesson #12: Woolworths is your one-stop online porn shop

Lesson #13: Residents in Sydney have two garage entry ways. One for boyfriends, one for tricks.

Lesson #14: Nothing beats summer in Sydney for New Years with two great friends!

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  1. OMG! I nearly spat out my tea when I saw the sublime effects of Beauty Shot. I want one of those cameras, too!