Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lessons From Melbourne

Two weeks, five tours, 1,000,032 flies, 100+ weak drinks (equivalent to approximately 20 US cocktails), over 40 hours in flight, and more than 2500 photos later our New Years celebration in Australia has come to an end. So, what have we learned in the second half of our adventure?

Lesson #1: Pre-buy all alcohol at duty free before arrival to Australia

Lesson #2: Australians have very different thoughts on child rearing

Lesson #3: Flies. Millions of them. Everywhere.

Lesson #4: Melbourne has a serious inferiority complex. Don't even think of mentioning that some other city does (or has) something better. You will be beat.

Lesson #5: Better bars (and hotter men) in Melbourne

Lesson #6: Free tourist shuttles are free for a reason

Lesson #7: 7up = Lemonade in Australia

Lesson #8: Eric could never live down under...buying video games alone would empty his bank account

Lesson #9: Vegemite is an ACQUIRED taste...and one that is thankfully only in Australia

Lesson #10: Australia is full of fascinating animals

Lesson #11: Australia LOVES UGGS

Lesson #12: Australia is FANTASTIC and we can't wait to go back!

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