Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So today is the day we leave Australia. Our quick adventure down under has reached its conclusion. We started off the day with morning visits to the local coffee shops, then headed back to the hotel to wrap up packing and said goodbye to old friends (so long trusty shoes).

After a quick cab ride to the airport, we checked in and reported directly to the Air New Zealand lounge. This lounge puts the Red Carpet Clubs of the states to shame. We enjoyed fresh, (free) hot food, desserts and self-pour cocktails from the comfort of our plush leather recliners. The three hours we got to spend in the lounge FLEW by. I don't know how I'll ever travel regular coach again...

The flight was cushy as can be, and surprisingly just under 13 hours (due to the tailwinds). Our captain? Captain Morgan. Really. So here we are...sitting at the craptacular LAX airport waiting for our final leg home. Don't you fret though, the blog isn't QUITE over. Two more posts still to come!

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