Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

We woke this morning to a beautiful, sunny Sydney outside our windows. Full of excitement to hop on a plane and head to Melbourne for even more sun and warm (scratch that) HOT vacation-y goodness. We all packed our bags and met out in front of the hotel. With luggage by our side, we pulled out our itineraries and got ready to hail a cab.

Something was wrong though...very wrong. While Ken and my itineraries listed Sydney to Melbourne flights, Michaels said Sydney to Chicago (via LAX and DFW no less). This must be some mistake! Surely Michael was supposed to continue on with us and experience another week here with the Aussies. Ken suggested calling the airlines, raising hell...surely someone could fix this! But Michael shook his head, no...resigned to his cold, wintry fate.

He grabbed his bags and slowly started to walk off into the distance. Leaving a stunned Ken and Eric behind.

When Ken and I recovered from our shock, we chase Michael down. The LEAST we could do is share a cab to the airport! So off to the airport we went, trying not to think of the cold winter blast that will soon (ok, within the next 30 hours or so) be hitting Michael like a anvil. As Ken and I hopped out of the cab outside of the domestic terminal, Michael slowly rolled down the window and waved his goodbye.

Don't worry...we will be joining him soon. At least he has his Cheesymite Scrolls to confort him on the long journey home. In all actuality, he is going home as planned to head off to New Jersey for work...but this story sounded more fun. We just didn't want him to go!

Michael has left Australia, but don't you leave the blog thinking he is done! Oh no, he should be blogging his exciting WORK adventure to New Jersey right here in this very blog. Er...well, at least a post or two to gripe about the cold.

As for Ken and I, we drowned our sorrows in tasty, tasty Hungry Jacks and flew off to Melbourne for more adventure.

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