Thursday, December 31, 2009

Queued up. Quayed up.

We made it! After an eternal queue for a taxi, we arrived in downtown Sydney.

We have a bit longer to wait before our rooms are ready, so we dropped off our bags and headed out. First stop, caffeine. Starbucks will do nicely, though they didn't pull a proper "long black", it was really an Americano.  Feh.  Ken and Eric couldn't decide, so they got a coffee bevvie and something fruity and hydrating.

As short walk down to Circular Quay to check out the NYE preparations. Looks like they have it under control. Insert requisite Opera House photo here.

Starving, so we stopped off for some Emu pizza (I'll have the baked pumpkin version.)

Next stop some quick shopping (and a case of Red Bull) before an afternoon nap.

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