Thursday, December 31, 2009


After some quick disco napping and what has to be the "worlds-most-heavenly-after-30-plus-hours-of-traveling" showers, we are ready to ring in the New Year with the Aussies! First on the agenda? Fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge. What's next you ask? Well, a picture speaks a thousand words...but I'll just add, we're damn excited!

(And yes...that DOES say "Beards, Tatts, Bear Chests & Chaps Unite"...sweet)


  1. Ohhh SO excited about tonight...the camera batteries are all charged up! Bring it on men! Hopefully there will be some new years snogging going on with some of the locals!

  2. Can't wait to see th pictures of the snogging!! I do have a question....$15 + bf? What's a bf?

  3. Oh there was snogging. Yes. Snogging.